Bidet,Toilet Bidet,Cold Water Bidet

Bidet,Toilet Bidet,Cold Water Bidet

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We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want all Customers to be 100% Satisfied with their Purchase.If you are not 100% happy with your order.Please get in touch with Us.





We have a 100Satisfaction Guarantee

We want all Customers to be 100% Satisfied with their Purchase.If you are not 100% happy with your order.Please get in touch with Us.



High Quality Bidets,Self Cleaning Nozzle                                                                                                        

The  Bidet is a popular bidet for its low cost,  and ease of use.
Unlike most bidets, this bidet sits underneath your toilet seat, hooks up straight to the toilets water tank, and its ready to use! There is no electricity required to run. The water bidet stream is at a comfortable room temperature. It is easy and fun to use for the entire family.

  • - Suitable for entire family
  •  -Environmental Friendly
  •  -No electricity required 
  •  -No tools required  


  • Innovative Design- Unit lifts up for easy cleaning
  • Compact Unit fits between seat and toilet rim
  • Convenient lever controlled spray
  • Installs in minutes on any standard toilet.
  •  Self Cleaning Nozzle 
  • Manufactured from high quality materials

Whats included:

  • Bidet unit
  • T-adapter 1/2 INCH
  • 60cm Hose
  • Washers






  Bidet Installation is very easy:


1.Turn off water tap and flush tank to empty any remaining water.

2.Remove toilet seat.

3.Position  Bidet on toilet rim and match the holes of the  bidet Installation.

4.Attach seat back on top of  bidet and fasten with toilet seat screws.(D)

5.Disconnect Flexible hose from flush tank.

6.Connect T-adapter to Flush tank.(B):.7.Connect Flexible hose to T-adapter.(A)

8.Connect  bidet hose to T-adapter.(B)

9.Connect other end of bidet hose to  Bidet inlet.(C)

10.Turn water back


Notes: DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN the bidet connection attachments (e.g., T-adapter, hose). This May result in leaking.

  • Make sure every connection end-piece has its provided washer in it.
  • Bidet does not require any electricity or tools, however some toilet seats require a screw driver to remove the toilet seat screws.
  • Bidet does not take up any ground space. It’s unobtrusive design installs on between the toilet seat and toilet toilet bowl

If you order more then 5 bidets offer will be accepted .

Advantages of   bidet


          Box size : approximately : 45cm x 15cm x 14cm



1.The Bidet is Environment friendly--Go Green!

The pulp from one Eucalyptus tree, produces only as few as 1,000 rolls of toilet tissue. According to RISI, an independent market analysis firm in Bedford, Massachusetts, the average American individual uses 23.6 rolls of toilet paper per year. Many households have four or more residents, which adds up to a lot of toilet paper waste and a lot of trees. :( With the  Bidet you can save trees by not contributing to paper waste. Plus you save money by not having to purchase toilet paper. Great for the environment and great for your wallet!


2.The Bidet is Hygienic, Cleaning, Therapeutic. Our  Bidets are the hygienic, and therapeutic way to cleanse. The soothing water sprays leave you feeling shower fresh after every use. A bidet is doctor recommended and a far more hygienic method of cleansing than toilet paper, which can cause or add to irritation in your most sensitive areas. The use of a Mechanical Bidet can ease the irritation of hemorrhoids and aid with constipation by stimulating bowel movements. To be clean is to be healthy

3.The Bidet is Quality and at a affordable price.   Bidet is made with the highest quality materials and goes through rigorous testing to eliminate defects. Enjoy all the benefits of the more expensive bidets at a much more reasonable and affordable price. The Bidet is a simple, inexpensive alternative to complex and costly bidets. There is no need to settle for a secondary product. The Bidet offers all the high quality and comfort of the expensive brands at a lower cost to you.

4.It‘s much more pleasant and comfortable to rinse the body, than using hands and toilet paper.

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